Collective Bargaining Agreements

Labor Contracts Database

This database serves as a one-stop public on-line clearinghouse for cataloged and digitized complete text of union contracts. Most of these contracts were found on the public Web in a wide variety of file formats. They have been processed into Acrobat PDF's and are cataloged with the following information:

  • Language and country

  • Name and local of of union

  • Name of agency bargained with

  • State in which the contract was signed

  • Years for which contract is valid

  • Occupational titles of covered employees

  • NAICS two-digit code for agency

  • Source and format of the original digital version

  • When available, name and address of contact person.
The PDF format makes it easy to find specific text within a document. We realize that being able to search across multiple documents for specific language is a highly desirable feature, and intend to implement that in future versions. Adobe Reader does allow an indexed search across multiple documents (see article), but that feature is not available through a Web interface. The only practical way to extract specific text is to open a saved PDF and "saving-as" Rich Text Format (RTF).

This project actively seeks more entries. We are especially seeking examples of contracts in geographic regions or occupations not already covered. There are several reasons that unions should consider including their contracts on this site:
  • By virtue of being housed in the repository of a major institution, these materials will be assured of remaining in the public domain for years to come. These documents will be archived, making it easy to search through similar contracts over time.

  • The IRLE's website is a highly respected and heavily trafficked labor research portal, so these documents will be accessible to interested scholars and the general public.

  • This database offers a low-cost publishing solution for unions that do not have the means to put their contracts on the Web. We will accept source material in any digital format, including those in word-processing programs.
We hope you find this resource useful. We welcome any feedback and suggestions.

Project Contact:
J Kimball

Project Developers:
Terry Huwe and Lincoln Cushing

Other sources for union contract information:

Cornell's Martin P. Catherwood Library, Subject Guide on Collective Bargaining

Bureau of National Affairs, Collective Bargaining Negotiations and Contracts

Help with compiling these materials was provided by
Student Library Assistants Elizabeth Nava-Coulter, Kimi Kam and Pierre Basmaji