Through the SSRP program, undergraduate mentees develop fundamental research skills and receive meaningful mentorship from graduate researchers to prepare them for future scholarly pursuits. In turn, graduate student mentors gain experience leading a research team and the conscientious support of undergraduate mentees for their research projects. IRLE also provides participants with training in basic research methods and data visualization.

For their participation in SSRP, graduate student mentors will receive a $1,000 stipend (two $500 stipends), and undergraduate mentees will receive a $2,000 stipend (two $1,000 stipends, one per semester).

The program aims to attract students from all backgrounds, and provide meaningful, hands-on social sciences research experience.

The 2023-2024 SSRP application period is closed. Check back in July 2024 for our 2024-2025 applications.

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How It Works

Research and Mentorship Expectations

Why are programs like SSRP important?

The mentorship that our graduate students offer the undergraduates really enables professional and personal development. Most importantly, these mentorship relationships help build social capital that is integral to academic and career success but is so often left in the background. Working alongside graduate students, undergraduates often find a sense of relatability and familiarity, and can ask the questions they might be nervous or hesitant to pose to faculty. 

Meghna Mukherjee

In 2020, sociology Ph.D. candidate Meghna Mukherjee was instrumental in launching SSRP as an initiative to more equitably empower undergraduate students with research skills and mentorship while also supporting the research needs of our graduate students. She recently spoke with IRLE about the origins and purpose of the program. Read the full interview.

“Coming into Cal as a transfer I thought I would have no access to research opportunities, let alone opportunities that came with a stipend. I have grown so much for the work I’ve been able to do in this program.”

2022-2023 Undergraduate Research Mentee

Current and Past Cohorts