This farm labor industrial relations bibliography was prepared by a team at the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California, Berkeley using a subset of the records in our computer database, which contains information on articles, books, and other publications on farm labor more generally.

This project represents the work of the following people:

  1. Grace Dote, Jeffrey M. Perloff, and Howard R. Rosenberg designed and supervised the construction of this database.
  2. Nanyan Xiong was in charge of the computer work. She and Jeff Perloff designed the database record structure. She and Grace Dote determined the formatting conventions used (though some were imposed on us by the nature of the computer database software).
  3. Troy Schmitz downloaded records from various computerized databases and did the preliminary editing of these records.
  4. Cheryl L. Brown and Christopher Edmonds performed most of the library work, writing of abstracts, and assigning subject words. They worked with Sheila Watson on proof reading and editing. 5) Nanyan Xiong and Jeff Perloff wrote the programs used to create this final hard copy.