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The Great Recession is over and job growth is in record territory, but poverty and inequality persist
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CONTACT: Jacqueline Sullivan | IRLE Media Relations, (510) 604-2289 Berkeley – More than a decade after the start of the worst recession since the Great Depression, the U.S. economy continues to recover while the impacts from the historic downturn are still with us, according to a new research released today by the Center on

New UC Berkeley Policy Brief: Should New York Eliminate its Subminimum Wage for Tipped Workers?
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Contact: Jackie Sullivan, (510) 604-2289, IRLE Communications, UC Berkeley New York’s policy of paying tipped workers a subminimum wage is under scrutiny, with a series of hearings called by Governor Cuomo that begin Friday, April 20.  In a new policy brief, Sylvia Allegretto, an economist and co-chair of the Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics

New Research: Connecticut Retail and Food Service Sector Workers Contend with Unstable, Unpredictable Work Schedules
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Connecticut retail and food service workers are struggling with unstable, unpredictable work schedules, according to new research by the Shift Project at the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE) at the University of California, Berkeley. Most of the 438 workers surveyed say they don’t like the uncertainty and want more stable scheduling.

Berkeley economist leads petition drive fighting misogyny
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A senior thesis by a University of California, Berkeley, student raised eyebrows recently when the New York Times shared her findings that a popular website for those posting and seeking jobs in economics was rife with sexist and crude terminology.

RELEASE: Seattle’s Minimum Wage Raises Pay without Costing Jobs
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Seattle’s groundbreaking minimum wage law is raising pay for low-paid workers without hurting jobs, according to a new report released today by University of California, Berkeley economists. The report, which analyzes employment data before and after the law went into effect, finds no evidence of job loss in the city’s restaurant industry, even as pay reached $13 for workers in large companies.

RELEASE: For California’s self-employed and small business employees, ACA repeal would be a huge setback
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According to a new data brief from UC Berkeley’s Center for Labor Research and Education, more than one million small business employees and over half a million self-employed Californians benefitted from the health insurance options made available under the ACA. Uninsurance among these groups fell sharply from one in five lacking insurance in 2013 to less than one in three in 2015.

RELEASE: Study shows that minimum wage increases are a real boost for restaurant workers and don’t hurt business
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When San Jose increased its minimum wage from $8 to $10 an hour in 2013, the city’s low-wage workers received an overnight wage boost that led to small price hikes at restaurants of about 1.5 percent on average and there was no decline in employment, according to a brief released by University of California, Berkeley’s Institute for Research on Labor and Employment.