Harpreet Zoglauer is the Education Program Manager of the IRLE. She helps manage the student research and outreach programs of the IRLE.

Harpreet received her Ph.D in Political Science from Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU), India and Master’s in Political Science and international Relations from Punjab University and Bachelor degree in Economics, Political Science and History from Punjab University, India.

She is recipient of Fulbright Postdoctoral fellowship, Canadian Studies Doctoral fellowship and Junior Research Fellowship.

She is co-investigator of MRP (Major Research Project) at GNDU titled ‘Political Sociology of People Living in the Border Belt of Punjab’.

Harpreet’s own research focuses on the long distance nationalism of diasporic communities in US and Canada and study of border communities and their marginalization with special emphasis on economic inequality and exclusion from federal and state programs and its causal association with the spiraling drug problem in South Asia. Harpreet has worked as Program Coordinator at Institute for Study of Societal Issues and helped with their research outreach. She was also a Fulbright Postdoctoral fellow at ISSI in 2011-2012.

Before moving to the US, Harpreet was Assistant Professor in the department of Political Science and Assistant Director in the Center for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy at Guru Nanak Dev University, India. She has managed studies on exclusion at borders, Indian elections and gender stereotypes in India.

When she is not working, Harpreet likes to hike, swim, write poems and watch Netflix.

More about her research can be found on her website.

Areas of expertise: diasporic nationalism, immigration, border communities and exclusion.