Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program

The undergraduate research apprenticeship program (URAP) is designed to involve Berkeley undergraduates more deeply in the research life of the University. IRLE serves as a host for URAP projects related to our mission. We provide faculty and students with additional support: submitting projects, matching students with projects, student training, and an end of semester meeting.

IRLE invites affiliated faculty and researchers to submit projects for which they want an undergraduate apprentice to the URAP Portal. Faculty will receive a stipend of $300 for each apprentice. Faculty may submit more than one project. Check back for more information about Fall 2019.

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Please indicate IRLE as your department in order to be affiliated with IRLE’s program.
We can also directly submit projects for IRLE affiliates.
For more information, see Berkeley’s URAP program.

As an apprentice, students will work on faculty research and learn advanced research skills, explore fields that interest them, and find out what it is like to be an academic at the world’s premier research institution.

Faculty and researchers from all of the schools and colleges and research units at the University of California at Berkeley are welcome to participate.

What IRLE Offers

  1. Screen student applications and help match qualified students with your project.
  2. Four workshops for apprentices to discuss experiences, address concerns, and find community in IRLE. Workshops may include: (1) How to approach a writing project, (2) Research Methods, (3) Conducting a literature search and creating an annotated bibliography; and (4) Professional Development. IRLE can also offer additional support for specific software, methods, and data sources required for specific projects.
  3. Support for participating faculty and students in managing the apprenticeship relationship.
  4. Space and computer access at IRLE for apprentices to do work for faculty and to network with staff researchers.
  5. IRLE will organize and host a research showcase at the end of the semester for students to present their projects and faculty to facilitate the presentation.
  6. The opportunity to apply for $4,000 in summer funding for undergraduate apprentices continuing their work with faculty.

Important deadlines for Fall 2019 [dates TBD]:

August XX: Last day for mentors to submit URAP projects
August XX: Student Application Deadline, Faculty have online access to applications
August XX – September XX: Faculty schedule interviews, select apprentices, submit Learning Contracts online
September XX: All decisions should be complete, last day to submit Learning Contracts online.
September: Last day for students to sign contracts and to enroll for units

Projects and Participants »

Questions? Contact IRLE’s Associate Director Sara Hinkley, hinkley@berkeley.edu