Faculty Research Awardees

2019-20 Awardees
P.I. Name/Dept. Project Title
Irene Bloemraad (Sociology) Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop
Avi Feller (Goldman School of Public Policy, Statistics) Practical Tools for Panel Data Models
David Harding (Sociology) Underground Scholars Policy Team
Erin Kerrison (School of Social Welfare) Understanding “Us vs Them” Attitudes, Police Officer Wellness, and Public Safety
Elizabeth Linos (Goldman School of Public Policy) Burnout and Bias in Decision-making
Christopher Muller (Sociology) Land and Racial Economic Inequality
Daniel Schneider (Sociology) The Effects of New York City’s Fair Scheduling Law on Job Quality
Sandra Smith (Sociology) Perceptions and Experiences of the Formerly Incarcerated with Fair Chance Employment Initiatives
Kim Voss and Irene Bloemraad (Sociology) Golden Futures and Hard Realities: Polarized Lives in the Bay Area
Richard Walker (Geography) California Studies Seminar
Danny Yagan (Economics) Pareto-Improving Growth and Place-Based Redistribution
2018-19 Awardees
P.I. Name/Dept. Project Title
Albiston, Catherine (Sociology, Law) Inequality in Evaluation
Bloemraad, Irene (Sociology) Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop
Feller, Avi (Public Policy) Improving the Synthetic Control Method
Fox, Cybelle (Sociology)
Harding, David (Sociology) Probing the Limits of Criminal Record Stigma: Audit Studies of the Job Market for College Graduates
Kaur, Supreet (Economics)
Linos, Elizabeth (Public Policy) Reducing burnout in front line workers
Mahajan, Aprajit (ARE) Frictions in India’s National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and Household Borrowing
Miller, Conrad (Haas) Local Variation in Criminal Justice Disparities by Race and Class
Muller, Christopher (Sociology) The Political Economy of Imprisonment in the U.S. South, 1915-1920
Paiz, Christian (Ethnic Studies) Oral Histories of United Farm Worker Rank-and-File
Schoefer, Benjamin (Economics) The Aggregate Labor Supply Curve at the Extension Margin: A Reservation Wage Approach
Smith, Sandra (Sociology) Perceptions and Experiences of the Formerly Incarcerated with Fair Chance Employment Initiatives
Walker, Richard (Geography) California Studies Lecture and Dinner Series
Yagan, Danny (Economics) Pareto-Improving Growth and Place-Based Redistribution
2017-18 Awardees
P.I. Name/Dept. Project Title
Bloemraad, Irene, Cybelle Fox, and Cristina Mora (Sociology) Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop
Chang, Yu-Ling (Social Welfare)  Multiple Income Support Program Participation and Long-Term Employment and Earnings Trajectories Among Single-Mother Families
Collier, Ruth Berins (Political Science) On-Demand Work in the Platform Economy: Grassroots, Surrogates, and the Politics of Uber Regulation
Fligstein, Neil (Sociology) US Labor Militancy and Firm Financialization From 1984 – 2004
Gomez, Anu (Social Welfare) Racial and Ethnic Differences in Pregnancy Acceptability: Understanding the Roles of State-Level Employment Disparities
Harding, David (Sociology) Mediation of Neighborhood Effects on Educational Outcomes
Holmes, Seth (Public Health) Training for Unequal Care: Medical Students, Social Inequality and the Future of Health Labor
Hoynes, Hilary (Economics, GSPP) Effects of WIC on Food Consumption and Nutrients for Children: Evidence From Regression Discontinuity at Age 5
Leung, Ming (Haas) Is It the Picture or the Thousand Words? How Photos and Messaging Language of Women and Minority Job Applicants Affect Their Hiring Outcomes in a Technology-Mediated Labor Market
Mahajan, Aprajit (ARE) Welfare Effects of Wage Payment Delays: Frictions in India’s National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
Schneider, Daniel (Sociology) Schedule Instability and Unpredictability and Worker and Family Wellbeing
Walker, Richard (Geography) California Studies Lecture and Dinner Series
2016-17 Awardees
P.I. Name/Dept. Project Title
Aniza, Sarah (Public Policy) The Politics of Public Safety: How Unions of Police Officers and Firefighters Shape Local Public Service Provision
Brown, Clair (Economics) Measuring California’s Quality of Life, and Job Quality
Collier, Ruth Berins (Political Science) Regulation of On-Demand Work: The Politics of the Uber Economy
De Vaan, Mathijs (Haas) Collaboration After Retractions?
Dow, William H. (Public Health) Participation and Plan Choices in the 2014-2016 California Individual Health Insurance Market
Fligstein, Neil (Sociology) The Role of Foreclosures in the Destruction of Wealth for Black, Hispanic, and Middle Class Families in the Great Recession
Fox, Cybelle (Sociology) Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop
Gelber, Alexander (GSPP) The Effect of the Social Security Earnings Test on Employment
Haveman, Heather (Sociology) The New One Percent? Data Science and Changes in American Corporate Leadership
Holmes, Seth (Public Health) Growing Up Transborder: Youth, Future Aspirations, and Immigrant Farm Labor in the United States
Hsiang, Soloman (Public Policy) Labor Productivity in a Warmer World: The Impact of Climate Change on the Global Workforce
Kline, Patrick (Economics) How Much Did the Wage Structure Change? Correlated Estimates of Worker-Firm Effects and Sorting
Leung, Ming (Haas) The Dilemma of Mobility: The Differential Effects of Women and Men’s Erratic Career Paths on Performance Appraisals
Levine, David (Haas) “Personalized Policy” for OSHA (& Beyond): Machine Learning of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects Without Over-Fitting
Magruder, Jeremy (ARE) Search Frictions and Statistical Discrimination: A Field Experiment with a Large Indian Web Portal
Perloff, Jeff (ARE) Labor Supply and the Incidence of Taxes Fall on New York Taxi Drivers
Schneider, Daniel (Sociology) Economic Uncertainty, Precarity, and Family Formation
Schoefer, Benjamin (Economics) (1) Prices and Labor Costs: New Evidence from a Location and Industry Specific Producer Price Index; (2) The Role of Quits and Replacement Hiring in the Cyclicality of Job Openings
Srivastava, Sameer B. (Haas) (1) Comparing and Contrasting Survey- and Language-Based Measures of Cultural Fit; (2) The Effect of Social Belonging on Social Network Positions and Attainment in the Workplace
Voss, Kim (Sociology) Labor’s Changing Strategies and Democratic Dilemmas
Walker, Reed (Haas) The Big Pull: Company Towns and Manufacturing Deagglomeration
Walker, Richard (Geography) California Studies Lecture & Dinner Series
Yagan, Danny (Economics) The 2007-2009 Recession and the Rise of Trump