Digital Collections

The IRLE Library received funding from the University of California Labor and Employment Research Fund (LERF) to digitize three labor-related collections: the California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO: Proceedings and Publications; California and West Coast Industrial Relations; and IRLE’s historical run of print publications. These and other collections are available below.

California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO: Proceedings and Publications. The Library has digitized a full run of the Federation’s proceedings, legislative voting records and newspapers. The collection is available on this site and also as a collection within the Online Archive of California (OAC).

California and West Coast Industrial Relations: This collection was digitized from selected materials in the Library’s vertical file collection of non-book materials.

“We Called It a Work Holiday.” This exhibit was originally sponsored by the Oakland Museum of California. The Library digitized the principal photographs and commentary from the exhibit.

Collective Bargaining Agreements: The Library is interested in making digital copies of collective bargaining agreements available to researchers. It manages a repository of agreements within the eScholarship Repository. Unions that are interested in contributing copies may send them via email for inclusion

IRLE publications: The Library has digitized the full run of the publications of the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment. Publications commence at the end of World War II and run through the present time; this record of academic study provides a valuable overview of the issues of industrial relations for the mid and late Twentieth Century.

Photography Exhibits: Photography exhibits that were hosted at IRLE are available in digital format.