Data for children in immigrant families
Data for about 200 indicators for children in immigrant families (by country of origin) and in native-born families (by race-ethnicity) for the U.S., each state, the largest 100 metropolitan areas (with more to come), NYC and Buroughs, and California counties.

The New Immigrant Survey

The Health and Migration Survey

Mexican Health and Aging Study

Hispanic Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (HANES)

Los Angeles Family and Neighborhood Survey (FANS)

IZA (Germany) - Database of migration articles
Migration literature database now featuring more than 10,000 entries. IZA focuses on economics and labor issues, so many of the articles will be on that, but they also have papers on naturalization, family patterns, and indicators of other forms of integration. The studies will be largely statistical, done by economists. Since many economic papers get widely circulated as working papers before they actually get published, this is a nice database to see what sort of working papers are out there.

Current Population Survey (CPS)

Immigration Workshop - Berkeley, CA 94720