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What You Lose When You Lose Your Job: The Lasting Impacts of Unemployment

March 1, 20184:00 pm6:00 pm


As the US economy improves, the unemployment rate continues to fall. But job loss has far-reaching and long-lasting consequences, and many Americans are still dealing with the economic, social, and psychological effects of layoffs. Professor Brand will explore the complex ways that the shock of job loss impacts workers’ career achievement, economic outcomes, and wellbeing, and how these effects reverberate in their families and communities.

The discussion will be moderated by Danny Yagan of the UC Berkeley Economics Department and Sandra Smith of IRLE.

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Thursday, March 1, 4:00 pm
2521 Channing Way
Please join us for a reception after the talk.

This event is cosponsored by:
Center for the Study of Law and Society
Economics Department
Berkeley Population Center


Jennie E. Brand is is a professor of sociology and statistics at University of California, Los Angeles. She studies social stratification and inequality and its implications for life chances.




Danny Yagan is an assistant professor of economics at UC Berkeley. He is an applied micro economist studying topics of macroeconomic importance: taxes and investment, employment hysteresis from the Great Recession, and income distribution and mobility.



Sandra Smith is Interim Director of IRLE for the 2017-2018 academic year. Her research focuses on questions of urban poverty and joblessness, social capital and social networks, racial inequality, and trust. She is also a professor of sociology at UC Berkeley, and is working on a book entitled Want, Need, Fit: Cultural Logics of Job-Matching Assistance.