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Are Fair Wages Common Sense: Exploring Corporate Living Wage Programs

February 24, 201512:30 am1:30 pm

Paul Rice, CEO of Fair Trade USA
Roger McElrath, Associate Director of BSR
Jeff Denby, Co-Founder and CCO of PACT
Moderator: Robert Strand, CRB Executive Director
Co-sponsored with the Center for Responsible Business

H&M has implemented a plan with a stated goal to achieve a “fair living wage” for 850,000 textile works by 2018. IKEA recently announced a new living wage policy for its U.S. employees based on a living wage calculator developed by a professor at MIT. Other companies such as Novartis, Gap, and Trader Joe’s, have similar programs in place. Civil society organizations also support programs that hold companies accountable and improve workers’ lives. In this session we will hear from senior executives at Fair Trade USA and BSR as we explore how managers have implemented living wage programs, and the business challenges and successes they have encountered along the way.