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Antiwork & The Great Resignation: Why Workers Are Quitting Their Jobs
Thomas Reuters Foundation | Jan 21, 2022
Interview with Sylvia Allegretto, CWED

Empty Savings, Damaged Health: For Pandemic Unemployed, Recovery Can Be a Long Road
KQED | September 11, 2021
Quotes Sylvia Allegretto, CWED

Restaurant, hospitality workers are reluctant to return to low-paying positions
July 14, 2021
KCBS Radio interview with Sylvia Allegretto on how low wages are driving workers out of the restaurant industry in the wake of the pandemic.

Why aren’t teachers paid more?
WXIA Atlanta | July 27, 2021
Interview with Sylvia Allegretto on the teacher pay gap.

Medea Benjamin on Biden’s Foreign Policy & The Right to Organize 
March 15, 2021
KPFA Radio interview with Sylvia Allegretto on the PRO Act.

Why Teachers Are Paid So Little In The U.S.
December 10, 2020
CNBC interview Sylvia Allegretto on the teacher wage penalty.

Strike for the Common Good: Fighting for the Future of Public Education
December 8, 2020
In this EPI webinar webinar on education and union power in a new age of labor activism, Sylvia Allegretto explains how temporary recessions are used to institute permanent changes to public education and other public goods.

Waging Change Film Panel
October 15, 2020
Panelists discuss the effort to end the federal tipped minimum wage of $2.13 for restaurant servers and bartenders and the #MeToo movement’s efforts to end sexual harassment.

Teacher Compensation Penalty: Impact on Teachers, Education, and Society
October 14, 2020
Sylvia Allegretto, Larry Mishel, and Becky Pringle discuss the roots and impact of the teacher pay penalty, and what needs to happen to ensure teachers are fairly compensated.

The Teacher Pay Gap Explained
FEBRUARY 5, 2019
Teacher strikes across the country have brought much-needed attention to public education—including chronic underfunding, teacher and staff shortages, outdated books, and inadequate infrastructure—along with the issue of teacher pay. This CWED Video Short puts trends in teacher pay into perspective.

This Is How Horribly U.S. Teachers Are Actually Paid (HBO)
JANUARY 30, 2019
HBOs Vice News interviews Sylvia Allegretto and users her work in this story on the teacher pay gap.

City Rising: The Informal Economy
JANUARY 25, 2019
Follows four California workers facing structural discrimination but fighting to change policy and improve upward mobility for their communities. The film follows the lives of a street vendor in Boyle Heights, a truck driver in Long Beach, a farm-working family in Coachella and an organizer in Oakland fighting for jobs for formerly incarcerated people. Sylvia Allegretto provides context and commentary throughout this important documentary film.

Debate on YouTube: Held at University of CA, Berkeley. November 14, 2012 “Are California’s Public Employees Over Paid?

ADAPT International Conference 2012. October 19, 2012 “ADAPT and University of Bergamo (Italy) Conference on Youth Unemployment

UC Berkeley Teach-in on Inequality. April 4, 2012 “The American Dream: Fraying of the Folklore

Sylvia Allegretto speaking at an Occupy San Francisco Rally. “OCTOBER 2011 SAN FRANCISCO RALLY- SYLVIA ALLEGRETTO.” October, 2011

Center for American Progress Panel. June 7, 2011 Raising the Minimum Wage, Rebuilding the Economy



History As It Happens: The Future of Work, Part 1, December 28, 2021

The Economics of Teaching. Then, White Women and the Politics of White Supremacy, April 9, 2018

Background Briefing with Ian Masters, July 09, 2015 (start at 42:30)

Letters and Politics, Pacifica Radio, November 11, 2014

Sylvia Allegretto on LJNRadio’s Podcast, Management Decisions, November 09, 2014

The Good Fight with Ben Winkler, Episode #20. Minimum wage myths, busted


Radio and Television Appearances

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