Buddhist Economics

Buddhist Economics presents a holistic economic approach that integrates sustainability, shared prosperity, and compassion in an economic system that provides a comfortable, meaningful life for all people while protecting the environment. The foundation of Buddhist economics rests upon a worldview of interdependence of people with each other and with the planet, where helping others and the community creates life satisfaction. By replacing the endless cycle of desire with more positive collective activities, our lives can become richer as well as happier. Buddhist Economics: an enlightened approach to the dismal science, Bloomsbury Press, 2017.  http://amzn.to/2kMmtm1

Blogs, podcasts, reviews at http://buddhisteconomics.net/

“Revolutionary and urgently needed. This brilliant and beautifully argued book will not only change how you think about the most pressing problems that concern us all, it will inspire you to paths of action that lead to those problems’ slutions. This is a game-change read.” Dacher Keltner, Psychology Professor at UCB, author of The Power Paradox.

“An important and provocative book. As Clair Brown masterfully shows, a new economics would focus on a sustainable environment, shared prosperity, and interdependence. Economics should be an inspiring story of how we can work together to improve the quality of life for all.” Robert Reich, Public Policy Professor at UCB, author of Saving Capitalism.

Clair presented talk at an International Conference at Vatican City and presented Buddhist Economics to HH Pope Francis, May 2018.