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Fortune.Com Careers Section: You Hired 'Em. But Can You Keep 'Em?
Employee turnover makes the economic costs of an almost frictionless turnstile too high to disregard. Human resources executives estimate that when all factors are considered--not only the headhunter's fee but also the defector's lost leads and contacts, the new employee's depressed productivity while they are learning, and the time co-workers spend guiding the new employee -- replacement costs can be as much as 150% of the departing person's salary.

University of Wisconsin-Extension, Center for Community Economic Development
How Much Does Your Employee Turnover Cost?
Employee turnover costs money. Businesses know better systems and training can help find better employees and keep the good ones. The challenge lies in determining how much to spend to ensure an adequate return on the investment in personnel. The site includes an Online Employee Turnover Calculator.

Human Resources Learning Center
An Innovative Approach for Cost-effective Turnover Reduction
This article describes an HR management tool for decreasing turnover which is based on professional research that links various job characteristics to job candidates' sources of personal discomfort and dissatisfaction.

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