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Web Sites

IMD - International Institute for Management Development
IMD is an independent not-for-profit foundation located in Lausanne, Switzerland. Its programs are designed to enhance leadership in every area of management. They help executives and companies to find new and innovative ways to sustain global competitiveness. IMD maintains close relationships with business through its Partner and Business Associate Network. The Network is comprised of over 120 global companies, which drive IMD's research agenda.

Fast Company
Fast Company aims to be the handbook of the business revolution. The organization seeks to chronicle the changes under way in how companies create and compete, and highlights the new practices shaping how work gets done. Particular attention is given to team efforts.

EntreWorld is an online information resource for entrepreneurs and supporters of entrepreneurship. EntreWorld provides a solution to information overload on the Web by providing highly filtered information, an easy-to-use tool that gives entrepreneurs only the best of the Web--quickly. For information, articles, links involving employee retention click on the top content bar "Growing Your Business". Scroll down the page to the section titled " The Right People" and click on "Attracting/Retaining Employees".

Entrepreneurial Edge Online
Entrepreneurial Edge has organized its web site to play a mentoring role. Their goal is to lead entrepreneurs through the trial and error process that many successful entrepreneurs have already overcome. The site includes interactive tools and modules on marketing, personnel development, and financial management.

Worth Online
Worth's Guide to Benefits, Compensation, and Perks
The economic boom of the 1990s has created more and better opportunities in the workplace, including stock options, big bonuses, and improved retirement plans. Worth Online surveys the latest trends and offers background information on the new compensation's effect on white collar workers.

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