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Internet Resource Guide
Knowledge Management Guide
Terence K. Huwe, Director of Library and Information Resources
Janice Kimball, Library Assistant IV

This guide provides selective reviews of Internet resources that deal with contemporary issues facing the business community. It is not designed to be exhaustive "catalogue" of the Internet. Instead it offers links to the best resources on the topics covered.

This guide will be updated periodically to reflect new developments and "stale-dated" sites that have fallen behind the times.

Knowledge Management Web Pages

Knowledge At Work
This online magazine contains up-to-date information on issues and trends involving the Knowledge Management field. It is an excellent source for conference reports, white papers, and case studies. It also includes an impressive annotated list of books, articles, and Web sites devoted to knowledge management.

Brint is one of the most in-depth web site devoted to business research. The site includes a collection of contemporary knowledge management, organizational learning and re-engineering resources. It is hosted by Yogesh Malhotra, at the University of Pittsburgh Business School.

International Knowledge Management Network
This is a superior knowledge management and technology analysis resource site. It's mission is to promote and develop knowledge management within organizations. The authors have compiled an extraordinary array of research tools, libraries, contacts and discussion groups. The site has both English and Dutch versions.

KM Knowledge Management Server
This site was developed by students at the University of Texas at Austin. There is a particularly useful page which is dedicated to the investigation and exploration of the topic of knowledge management.

The Knowledge Management Forum
This web site covers a broad spectrum of issues related to knowledge and information management. It includes an annotated index of papers, bibliography and reviews of knowledge management books, etc. It also has a very good links page. This site has not been updated recently but still provides a very good reference tool into knowledge management.

Intranets and Extranets

The Complete Intranet Resource
A complete site for information concerning intranets. Loaded with case studies, analysis and listings of white papers. Includes a very comprehensive series of links to other sites.

The Intranet Journal
This informative site covers all aspects of intranets and extranets. It contains lively and informative forum discussions and includes news, FAQ's, design tools, etc.

Extranet - A Reference Page
This is a very complete and well presented collection of references. It has very useful information and is easy to navigate.

CIO Online
This on-line version of the CIO Magazine is a in-depth resource on the business of being a Information Executive. It covers issues ranging from Outsourcing Relationships to Risk Management.

Electronic College of Process Innovation A comprehensive site of documents, tools and guidebooks on the topic of business process change and re engineering. A easy to navigate collection containing a library, computer lab, training center and links.

Fast Company
Fast Company's mission statements says, "Fast Company aims to be the handbook of the business revolution." This is the on-line site for the magazine. It contains current and back issues of the magazine, discussion boards covering numerous topics and numerous links to related sites.

Voice of the Shuttle: Postindustrial Business Theory Page
This site is a vast library of links on contemporary business practices. Included topic areas include outsourcing, knowledge work, the quality movement, and many other resources.

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