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Executive Compensation:   Internet Guide and Bibliography
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Crystal Report Online
The Crystal Report is an online journal focusing on executive compensation trends. It is written for corporate compensation personnel, compensation consultants, attorneys, executive recruiters, institutional investors, academics and stock analysts. The intent is to offer a quality source for compensation data, analysis and commentary. Graef Crystal is a leading expert on Executive Compensation.

Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition "Executive Pay"
The online Wall Street Journal's Special Report on Executive Pay includes articles, interviews, case studies, statistics and links that focus on the following questions. This site offers resources to help determine executive worth, whether should pay and performance be linked, etc. It also explores the responsibilities of boards of directors, shareholders and employees.

"U.S. Economy Is Neither Leaner Nor Meaner For Investors Or CEOs"
"Downsizing the American Dream" A Staff Report of the House Democratic Policy Committee
This is a section of the Staff Report of the House Democratic Policy Committee entitled "Downsizing the American Dream". Measurement of the total compensation of corporate executives is fraught with some difficulty, because there are differences among various sources that combine to form an executive compensation package. This report compares the various sources and includes information on the widening gap between employees and CEO's.

Forbes Magazine: Forbes Magazines Stories by Subsection - Executive Compensation
This site offers Forbes Magazine stories and statistics on Executive pay from the 1998 and 1997 issues. Includes biographical data, compensation tables, global pay, pay versus performance information.

EXECUTIVE EXCESS '98: CEOs Gain from Massive Downsizing. Fifth Annual Executive Compensation Survey
The organizations United for a Fair Economy and the Institute for Policy Studies join forces to bring this in depth report on CEO pay. The IPS/UFE survey analyzes rising CEO pay against the backdrop of corporate performance vis--vis other key stakeholders in society: U.S. workers, workers in other countries, and communities as a whole.

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In search of excess : the overcompensation of American executives / Graef S. Crystal. 1st ed. New York : Norton, c1991.

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New strategies and innovations in compensation / edited by Frank Caropreso; conference program director, Charles Peck. New York, N.Y. : Conference Board, c1989.

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Journal Articles


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