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Internet Resource Guide
The Changing Employment Relationship Guide
Terence K. Huwe, Director of Library and Information Resources
Janice Kimball, Library Assistant IV

This guide provides selective reviews of Internet resources that deal with contemporary issues facing the business community. It is not designed to be exhaustive "catalogue" of the Internet. Instead it offers links to the best resources on the topics covered.

This guide will be updated periodically to reflect new developments and "stale-dated" sites that have fallen behind the times.

Changing Employment Relationships

The Learning Organizations Home page
This site is dedicated to information concerning "Learning Organizations" It contains explanations of "learning organizations", on-line articles, and information archives/resources.

Self Directed Work Teams
This is an outstanding resource on collaboration in the workplace. It covers the "what" and "why" of work teams, and offers case studies in private and public sectors.

The National Center for Employee Ownership
This is a highly useful source of accurate information on ESOPs, employee stock options and employee participation programs.

Foundation for Enterprise Development
This site focuses on information about equity compensation. A non-profit organization devoted to helping business use equity compensation. A user friendly resource library is available.

The Outsourcing Institute
The outsourcing Institute allows full access to news and information on the use of outside resources. This is an informative and easy site to use.

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