Creating a Sustainable Shared-Prosperity Policy Index (SSPI)

Our research team has created a policy index that documents the policies being practiced around the world that create an economy that cares for people and the planet. We know the policies to create a sustainable world, to share prosperity and provide a comfortable, meaningful life for all people, and to reduce suffering globally. Three pillars—Sustainability, Market Structure, Public Goods and Services—represent government policies that create and govern the economy to create the outcomes desired by the society.

Research Team

Prof Clair Brown at work with her student research team in Spring 2019. Team members are Julia Russo, Michelle Tan, Kate Fedorova, Tai Lohrer, Simon Saellstroem, Marcus Sander.

Clair at work with SSPI research team in Fall 2019. Team members are Tai Lohrer, Ryusuke Kondo, Professor, MacCoy Cantwell, Kate Fedorova. [Not shown Jeffrey Suzuki.]