Dumbarton Bridge (1990)

Dumbarton Crossings
Vehicle and Rail Bridges, Near East Palo Alto, CA (1990)

California Studies Courses at Cal

Geography 50AC (Walker) California and the Pacific Rim
Geography 181 (Walker) Urban Field Study: San Francisco and the Bay Area
Geography 24 (Kondolf) Water in California
Geography 170 (Gilmore) Carceral Geographies

LA223 (McBride et al) California Landscapes
LA201 (Kondolf et al) Ecological Analysis in Urban Design

Hist 127 (Klein) History of California

ESPM24/MSE24 (Narasimhan) California's Water: Earth, Environment, Ecology, Economics. Freshman seminar.

L&S 119 (Narasimhan) Californians and Water

UGIS 56 (Saragoza) Crossroads: California and the World

ES10 (Kondolf & Berry) Introduction to Environmental Sciences
ES 125 (Berry) Environments of the San Francisco Bay Area

English 24 (Schweik & Breslin) History of the Disability Rights Movement in the Bay Area (Spring 2001)

Public Policy 290 (Graduate School of Public Policy): Special Topics in Public Policy
Current Topics: "Cyber Life", "Higher Education in the Age of Money", "Environmental Policy", "Sorting out the Scrum of California Policymaking"