Neil Fligstein

Neil Fligstein
Economic Sociology, Recession and economic cycles, Social and political institutions

Neil Fligstein is the Class of 1939 Chancellor’s Professor. He is also the Director of the Center for Culture, Organization, and Politics at the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment. His main research interests lie in the fields of economic sociology, organizational theory, and political sociology. He has been interested in developing and using a sociological view of how new social institutions emerge, remain stable, and are transformed to study a wide variety of seemingly disparate phenomena including the history of the large American corporation and the construction of a European legal and political system. He has used this framework to create a more general view of how markets and states are mutually constitutive and applied this framework to trying to make sense of how global markets work.

Center for Culture, Organizations and Politics

The Center for Culture, Organizations and Politics (CCOP) is affiliated with the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment. The Center sponsored research about how social arrangements evolve to organize new social spaces. The area of inquiry has been labelled “new institutional theories.” Culture, Organizations, and Politics are viewed as the three main categories to push these theoretical and empirical discussions forward. The Center provided funds for graduate student research, sponsors conferences, and supported an ongoing seminar where work in progress was presented and discussed. CCOP publications from 2001-2010 are available via eScholarship.