Heather Haveman

Heather Haveman
Economic Sociology, Organizations

Heather Haveman is Professor of Sociology and Business at the University of California, Berkeley. She holds a B.A. in history (1982, University of Toronto), an M.B.A. (1985, University of Toronto), and a Ph.D. in organizational behavior and industrial relations (1990, University of California, Berkeley).

She studies how organizations, the fields in which they are embedded, and the careers of their members and employees evolve. She investigates questions that relate to organizational stability and change: How do new kinds of organizations emerge and how do new industries develop? How strong are the forces that impel or inhibit change in existing organizations’ structures, strategies, and actions? What are the consequences of organizational change for organizations themselves and for their employees? How does industry evolution affect social structures? Her current work involves American magazines, U.S. wineries, Chinese listed firms, and the emerging marijuana market in several U.S. states.