Visiting Scholars 2012-13

Mark Neal Aaronson
Ramón Joseph Castellblanch
Arindrajit Dube
Momoko Kawakami
Sachi Kotani-Nakamura
John Logan
Marcelo Medeiros
Martina Ori
Philippe Pochet
Pelin Sekeler Richiardi


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Mark Neal Aaronson – USA
Mark Aaronson is a Professor of Law at the U.C. Hastings College of Law in San Francisco, California. He will be working on his current CPMC project, a major case study involving community and labor activism as well as healthcare and urban policy issues. He is sponsored by Michael Reich and will be at the IRLE from September 2013 through August 2014. 

Ramón Joseph Castellblanch – USA
Ramón Castellblanch is an associate professor of Health Education at San Francisco State University. He will be studying several aspects of implementation of the Affordable Care Act. He envisions that his work will contribute to a summary of ‘best practices’ that state policy-makers could consider in the future. He is sponsored by Michael Reich and will be at the IRLE from August 2013 through December 2013.

Arindrajit Dube – USA

Arindrajit Dube is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Amherst University, MA. His research is with the Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics (CWED). He is sponsored by Michael Reich and will be here from January 2010 through June 2014.

Momoko Kawakami – Japan
Momoko Kawakami is a visiting scholar at the Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica in Taiwan. She will be conducting field research in the Silicon Valley, where she will visit U.S. firms to understand their strategies for collaborating and competing with Taiwanese firms. She is sponsored by Clair Brown and will be at the IRLE from September 2013 through May 2014.

Sachi Kotani-Nakamura – Japan
Sachi Kotani-Nakamura is an associate professor in Sociology at Nihon University, in Japan.  Her research focuses on the characteristics of women’s labor organizations and their role in maintaining and improving the working conditions for both male and female workers throughout the globalizing liberal market economy countries. She is sponsored by Katie Quan and will be at the IRLE from August 2013 through August 2014.

John Logan – USA

John Logan is currently the Director and Professor of Labor and Employment Studies at San
Francisco State University. He is also the Senior Research Associate at UC Berkeley Labor
Center.  One of his research projects: an analysis of federal and state legislation affecting organizing and bargaining rights and unions ability to participate in politics.  He is sponsored by Ken Jacobs and will be at IRLE from October 2012 through October 2014.

Marcelo Medeiros – Brazil
Marcelo Medeiros is a professor at the University of Brasilia and also a researcher at IPEA, the Brazilian Institute for Applied Economic Research.  He is currently writing a book on the institutional determinants of the extremely high levels of income inequality in Brazil, and more specifically how the State contributes to the maintenance of an economic elite in the country.  He is sponsored by Emmanuel Saez and will be at the IRLE from August 2013 through November 2013.

Martina Ori – Italy
Martina Ori is a PhD student in Labor Relations at the University of Bergamo, Italy and an ADAPT research fellow.  She is developing a research project combining labor and employment issues with language and translation studies. She is sponsored by Michael Reich and will be at the IRLE from September 2013 through December 2013.

Philippe Pochet – Belgium
Philippe Pochet is the current Director of European Trade Union Institute, and the foremost expert on the European Social Union.  Professor Pochet will continue his research for a book on Social Europe. He will be here from September 2013 through June 2014.  He is sponsored by Michael Reich.

Pelin Sekeler Richiardi – Switzerland/Turkey
Pelin Richiardi is an economist at the International Institute for Labour Studies of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Geneva. Her research is funded by Société Académique Vaudoise in Switzerland, and it focuses on a project entitled “Multidimensional Determinants of Inequality: A Post Crisis Analysis of Welfare Changes in The Middle Class”. This work aims at developing an inequality index including a group of dimensions linked to labor market conditions.  She will be at the IRLE from May 2013 through May 2014 and is sponsored by Michael Reich.