Welcome Prospective Visiting Scholars

Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE) is an Organized Research Unit (ORU) of the University of California at Berkeley with professor Michael Reich as Director.

Visiting Scholars are individuals who possess a Ph.D. or its equivalent,¹ and whose primary purpose for residence on the Berkeley campus is to conduct independent research. The length of stay for a Visiting Scholar is at least one month and, normally, not more than two years. Each IRLE Visiting Scholar must be mentored and hosted by one of IRLE's academic affiliates; applicants without a designated host will be denied.

¹ Equivalence can be established through degrees earned at international universities, or through personal or professional experience that provides a basis for pursuing the type of research and writing expected of someone holding the PhD. degree.

IRLE does not accept visiting student researchers as part of our Visiting Scholars program.

Visiting Scholar Benefits & Privileges

For those accepted, IRLE offers shared office space and library and computer facilities access. See more information on Visiting Researcher Scholar Benefits & Privileges


Applicants should e-mail Barbara Campbell, with their request and include:

  • a current CV,
  • specific appointment start and end dates,
  • the name of their host/mentor,
  • and a brief description of their planned research.


The deadlines for submitting applications to IRLE are as follows:
APRIL 15 – Proposed Fall semester, visits beginning August 1 through December 31
SEPTEMBER 15 – Proposed Spring and Summer semester, visits beginning January 1 through August 31


IRLE administrative fees upon arrival are $350.00 per semester or $850.00 for a calendar year (includes summer).

VSPA (University Services Fee)

The University Services Fee (USF) is $500 effective July 1, 2014. This annual fee of $500 is required for all visiting researcher scholars and visiting student researchers.

Visa Information

IRLE Human Resources analyst (Vice Chancellor for Research office), will process the J-1 scholar and J-1 visa documents. Per Department of State Federal regulations, scholars must have "sufficient proficiency in the English language, as determined by an objective measurement of English language proficiency, successfully to participate in his or her program and to function on a day-today basis." Requirements are one of the following:

  1. Copy of a recognized English language test (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS)
  2. Signed documentation from an academic institution or English language school issued on letterhead with printed name & signature of school official (template letter can be provided)
  3. Signed documentation of an interview conducted by the faculty sponsor or designee (a template letter can be provided)

J-1 Visa
International scholars pursuing research at UC Berkeley in the Visiting Scholar title are expected to come to the US in J-1 status. Please go to this website http://internationaloffice.berkeley.edu/  for more details.

J-1 Visa Fees (in addition to the IRLE administrative fees listed above):

  • Berkeley International Office recharge fee: $410 (except UCB J-1 extensions)
  • Berkeley International Office recharge fee: $200 (UCB J-1 extensions)
  • Berkeley International Office expedite fee: $200 (for DS-2019 processing in fewer than 10 business days)

Processing Times
The processing time required depends on the scholar's visa status. Please see below for the length of time before the appointment start date.

  • Visiting Scholar (Appointment, Renewal, etc.) without visa: 2 weeks.
  • Initial J-1 visa: 4-5 months, depending on country of origin. Please see the J-1 Process Overview for a timeline and list of steps necessary to bring a J-1 scholar to the US.
  • J-1 extension: 2 months prior to expiration of current DS-2019.
  • Berkeley International Office recharge fee: $410 (except UCB J-1 extensions)
  • Berkeley International Office recharge fee: $200 (UCB J-1 extensions)


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