UC Berkeley Affiliated Faculty

Max Aufhammer - Agricultural & Resource Economics
Peter Berck - Agricultural & Resource Economics
Severin Borenstein - Haas School of Business
Clair Brown - Economics
Karen Chapple - City and Regional Planning
Elizabeth Deakin - City and Regional Planning
Carolyn Finney - Environmental Science, Policy & Management
Lee Friedman - Goldman School of Public Policy
Paul Gertler - Haas School of Business
Michael Hanemann - Agricultural & Resource Economics
Malo Hutson - City and Regional Planning
Daniel Kammen - Goldman School of Public Policy
Rachel Morello-Frosch - ESPM & School of Public Health
Enrico Moretti - Economics
Louise Mozingo - Landscape Architecture
Richard Norgaard - Energy and Resources Group
Jeffrey Perloff - Agricultural & Resource Economics
Steven Raphael - Goldman School of Public Policy
Michael Reich - Economics
David Roland-Holst - Agricultural & Resource Economics
Larry Rosenthal - Goldman School of Public Policy
Annalee Saxenian - Information School
Nathan Sayre - Geography
Margaret Taylor - Goldman School of Public Policy
Laura Tyson - Haas School of Business
Sofia Villas-Boas - Agricultural & Resource Economics
Richard Walker - Geography
Ryan Wiser - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories
Catherine Wolfram - Haas School of Business
Kim Voss - Sociology
David Zilberman - Agricultural & Resource Economics