Michael Reich on Seattle minimum wage studies


The Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics (CWED) has become well-known for its trail-blazing academic research on minimum wage effects. This work has been subject to rigorous peer reviews and has influenced the economics profession as well as many policy makers.

CWED’s new and forthcoming minimum wage publications will feature a series of policy briefs on the
effects of recent policies in a number of large U.S. cities. The first policy brief in this series is Reich, Allegretto and Godoy, “The Seattle Minimum Wage Experience 2015-2016.” At the request of Seattle’s mayor, CWED timed the release of this brief to coincide with the third anniversary of the city’s 2014 enactment of a $15 minimum wage law. The contents of the brief, however, were not affected in any way by the mayor’s request.

Also at the request of the mayor, Professor Michael Reich recently issued a letter to the Seattle Mayor’s Office, which compares CWED’s study procedures and findings with that of another report prepared by researchers at the University of Washington. This letter, “UC Berkeley and UW reports on the effects of Seattle’s minimum wage policy,” is entirely the work of Professor Reich.