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Relevant Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author: Lincoln Cushing

Much of the research in labor relations and organizational development is concerned with conventional post-industrial revolution business models, featuring private, corporate, or state ownership of the means of production and a hired labor force. These models almost invariably involve dynamic tension between owners, managers, and workers. However, there are ways to structure an enterprise that are predicated on shared ownership by the workforce and democratic management processes. Although these approaches represent only a fraction of businesses, they stand out as testing beds that encourage "thinking outside the box" and offer many valuable lessons.

The following directory is a selective list of key resources on this topic, and will be updated periodically as resources evolve.

Relevant Library of Congress Subject Headings:
Employee ownership
Labor-management committees
Management-Employee participation
Work Groups
Works councils
Call numbers and UC library location in parentheses.



Dewey on Democracy, by W. Caspary, 2000, Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY. (JC251.D48.C37, Main)

The Democratic Worker-Owned Firm: A New Model for the East and West, by D. Ellerman, 1990, Unwin Hyman, Winchester, MA. (HD5650.E4, Business & Economics, Moffitt)

An Economy of Hope: Annotated National Directory of Worker Co-ops, Democratic ESOP's, Sustainable Enterprises, Support Organizations, and Resources, by editors of GEO (Ecological Democracy Institute of North America), 2000, Stillwater, PA. [Not in library]

"Community Economic Development: Alternative Visions for the 21st Century", by Jessica Gordon Nembhard, Readings in Black Political Economy, Vol. 21 No. 1, summer 1999.

Employee Ownership - Revolution or Ripoff?, by Joseph Raphael Blasi, 1988, Ballinger Publishing. (HD5660.U5B569, IIRL)

Employee Ownership in America - The Equity Solution, by M. Rosen, Katherine J. Klein, and Karen M. Young, 1986, Lexington Books. (HD5660.U5R67, IIRL)

From Mondragon to America - Experiments in Community Economic Development, by Greg MacLeod, [ND], UCCB Press, Nova Scotia, Canada. ISBN: 0-920336-53-1

Making Mondragon, by W. Whyte and K. White, 1991, ILR Press, Ithaca, NY. (HD3218.M66.W48, IIRL, Business & Economics)

Sharing Ownership in the Workplace, by Raymond Russell, 1985, State University of New York Press. (HD5650.R744, IIRL)

The Cooperative Workplace - Potentials and dilemmas of organizational democracy and participation, by Joyce Rothschild and J. Allen Whitt, 1986, Cambridge University Press. (HD5650.R736, IIRL)

The Myth of Mondragon - Cooperatives, Politics, and Working-Class Life in a Basque Town, A volume in the SUNY series Anthropology of Work, by Sharryn Kasmir, [ND], State University of New York Press, Albany, NY. (HD3528.M66.K37, Main)

Unheard Voices - Labor and Economic Policy in a Competitive World, by Ray Marshall, 1987, Basic Books. (HD5660.U5, IIRL)

"Wage Cuts and the Fairness of Pay in a Worker-Owned Plywood Cooperative," by C. David Gartrell and Bernard E. Paille, Social Psychology Quarterly, June 1997 Abstracts.

When workers decide: workplace democracy takes root in North America, edited by Len Krimerman and Frank Lindenfeld, 1992, New Society Publishers, Philadelphia, PA. (HD5660.U5 W53, Moffitt)

Workplace Democracy, A guide to workplace ownership, participation and self-management experiments in the United States and Europe, by Daniel Zwerdling, 1988, Harper and Row. (HD5650.Z89, IIRL)

Workplace Democracy and Social Change, edited by Frank Lindenfeld and Joyce Rothschild-Whitt, 1982, Porter Sargent Publishers. (HD5660.U5W68, IIRL)



"Democracy in the Workplace: Three Worker Owned Businesses in Action," by Off-Center Video, 1300 Shattuck Avenue, Suite A, Berkeley, California, 94709, (510) 486-8010.

"Honey, We Bought the Company," by The Working Group, [ND]. Narrated by Will Durst, this video profiles five worker-owned businesses including a cab company, a home health care worker coop, and the worker buyout of an aluminum processing plant. (IIRL, not yet cataloged)


Cooperative Home Care Associates
349 E. 149th St., 5th floor, Bronx, NY 10451, (718) 993-7104.
A worker-owned home health care agency employing more than 550 African-American and Latina women, three-quarters of whom had previously been dependent on public assistance.

GEO Grassroots Economic Organizing Newsletter (Ecological Democracy Institute of North America)
"Dedicated to making a better world through worker cooperatives, sustainable community enterprises, and grassroots economic organizing."

ICA Group
1 Harvard St. suite 200, Brookline, MA 02445, (617) 232-8765.
The ICA Group is a national not-for-profit organization that seeks to create and save jobs through the development and strengthening of employee-owned and community-based businesses.

Institute for Local Self-Reliance
2425 18th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009, (202) 232-4108.
Providing technical assistance and information on environmentally-sound economic development strategies since 1974.

Mondragon Cooperative Corporation
The website for one of the world’s largest and most successful worker cooperative networks in the Basque Region.

National Center for Employee Ownership
1736 Franklin St., 8th Floor, Oakland, CA 94612, (510) 208-1300.
A private non-profit membership and research organization with information on employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs).

National Cooperative Business Association/Cooperative Development Foundation
National Cooperative Business Association/Cooperative Development Foundation serves a range of Cooperatives, including worker co-ops.

The Network of Bay Area Worker Collectives (NoBAWC)
The Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives or NoBAWC (pronounced "no boss")  is a grassroots organization of democratic workplaces dedicated to building workplace democracy in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives (UWCC)
Established in 1962, The University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives (UWCC) organizes various extension/outreach programs directed at all aspects of cooperative business principles, organizing cooperatives, cooperative financing, cooperative structure, cooperative management, leadership and governance, and related topics for both agricultural and consumer cooperatives.

Working for America Institute
815 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006, (800) 842-4734 or (202) 466-8010.
"American unions are building…partnerships in communities all around the country. The AFL-CIO has created the Working for America Institute to support these union strategies for building good jobs and strong communities."

The Worker-Ownership Institute
A forum in which management and labor from employee-owned companies, and ESOPs, come together to discuss their triumphs and failures, and to learn from each other. WOI is jointly sponsored by the United Steelworkers of America (USWA) and the management of member companies that are partly or wholly employee-owned and employ members of the AFL-CIO-CLC or other unions.