Chris Riddell
Associate Professor
ILR School, Cornell University

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"The Major Interdisciplinary Journal in the Field of Employment and Labor Relations"
- Daniel J.B. Mitchell
UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management
Industrial Relations, the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment’s academic journal, is in its fiftieth year of publication. With four issues a year, Industrial Relations offers valuable international perspectives on current topics in industrial relations, covering every aspect of the employment relationship. Each issue includes research articles, notes, and symposia on all aspects of employment relations and the labor market.

The editor is supported by an outstanding board of associate editors, as well as over 200 referees from academic institutions in the United States and abroad.

The journal is printed and distributed by Wiley Publishing. The Wiley Online Library web site provides extensive information and sample articles from the journal.

Chris RiddellChris Riddell, Editor

Riddell is Associate Professor at the ILR School at Cornell University. Professor Riddell conducts research that focuses on the role of institutions in understanding the workplace and labor markets. He is a recipient of the John Dunlop Award for outstanding contributions to the field of labor and employment relations, and his dissertation won both the Labor and Employment Relations Association and W.E. Upjohn Prizes. He has been a regular contributor to and member of the editorial board of Industrial Relations, and has also published in Industrial and Labor Relations Review and in influential economics journals such as the Journal of Human Resources and Journal of Public Economics. His Ph.D. is from the University of Toronto.

The journal continues to welcome submissions of top-quality research on current topics in industrial relations, covering any aspect of the employment relationship in the United States or abroad.