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This is What it’s Like to Be a Teacher in America
Time | September 13, 2018
Featuring CWED economist, Sylvia Allegretto’s latest research on the ‘Teacher Pay Penalty’

‘Raise the Wage’ Advocates Have Reason for Optimism
The Hill | September 11, 2018
Op-ed by Sylvia Allegretto, Carl Nadler, and Michael Reich from the Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics

Study Shows Boosting Funds to Poor School Districts Lifts Student Achievement but Fails to Narrow Racial & Socioeconomic Achievement Gaps
The 74 | September 10, 2018
IRLE Director Jesse Rothstein’s research on the effects of school finance reform

‘Broken’ Economics for Preschool Workers, Child Care Sector
U.S. News & World Report | September 8, 2018
Featuring Marcy Whitebook, co-director of the Center for the Study of Child Care Employment

Higher Minimum Wage Boosts Pay Without Reducing Jobs, Study Says
Bloomberg | September 6, 2018
Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics’ report shows the effects of minimum wages above $10 in six major U.S. cities.

Self-Driving Technology Threatens nearly 300,000 Trucking Jobs, Report Says
The Wall Street Journal | September 4, 2018
The Labor Center’s report, Driverless? Autonomous Trucks and the Future of the American Trucker featured in the Wall Street Journal.

Studying the State of Labor, As Labor Day Approaches
KCBS | September 1, 2018
IRLE Director, Jesse Rothstein on KCBS’ “In Depth” discussing wages, the state of the U.S. workforce, and how recent legal decision have impacted the labor movement.

Low Pay Has Teachers Flocking To The Sharing Economy
The Atlantic | August 17, 2018
Sylvia Allegretto, co-director of CWED, on the high rates of educators depending on Airbnb to supplement their regular income.

2018 Index Shows Conditions for Childcare Workers Need Improving
Wisconsin Public Radio | August 8, 2018
Marcy Whitebook, co-director of CSCCE on recent data showing that early childhood educators aren’t getting the preparation or support they need.

Lawmakers in Blue States Try to Protect Organized Labor
Stateline | August 1, 2018
Law Professor Catherine Fisk, IRLE Faculty Affiliate explains what’s next for unions in the wake of the Janus v. AFSMCE Supreme Court decision.

California Court Says Starbucks Must Pay for Off-the-Clock Work. The Fallout Could Affect ‘A Lot of Jobs.’
Rewire.News| July 27, 2018
CWED’s Sylvia Allegretto on the California Court decision and it’s far-reaching impact on service and retail workers.

Amazon raking in billions, some employees relying on food stamps
MSNBC | July 24, 2018
VIDEO: MSNBC news cites UC Berkeley’s Labor Center’s study on working families who rely on public assistance programs.

More on a Jobs Guarantee (Wonkish)
The New York Times | July 5, 2018
Op-Ed: CWED’s research on the effects of minimum wage increases cited by Paul Krugman.

New York City Considers New Pay Rules for Uber Drivers
The New York Times | July 2, 2018
CWED’s new report that shows most NYC app-based drivers are struggling to get by informs an NYC taxi commission proposal.

What is at stake in Supreme Court ruling on Janus vs. AFSCME?
The San Francisco Chronicle | June 22, 2018
The Labor Center’s Ken Jacobs and Sarah Thomason on the broad benefits of labor unions to all Californians.

The Growing Achievement Gap
U.S. News and World Report | May 28, 2018
Professor Danny Schneider’s new research on how income inequality widens the gap between rich and poor school children.

What’s really behind economic mobility?
CityLab | May 16, 2018
Features Jesse Rothstein’s research on what determines equitable economic opportunities across generations.

Discriminación hacia los campesinos mexicanos en EE.UU. afecta su salud
Telemundo | May 9, 2018
IRLE’s affiliated faculty, Seth Holmes’ research on indigenous Mexican farmworker youth in the U.S.

Why fair scheduling laws will be the new minimum wage battle
Fast Company | May 4, 2018
IRLE’s Shift Project featured as a critical voice in the fair workweek fight.

For fairness’ sake, nix the tipped wage
New York Daily News | Apr. 22, 2018
Op-ed: Sylvia Allegretto with CWED on the benefits of eliminating the subminimum wage in New York.

Report: CT hourly workers experience unstable pay, hours
Hartford Business  | Apr. 3, 2018
New research from IRLE’s Shift Project on Connecticut service workers.

What We Can Learn from the California Model for Improving Workers’ Financial Security
Aspen Institute blog | Mar. 28, 2018
Nari Rhee with the Labor Center on wage policies and retirement.

Policymakers Seek Healthier, More Prosperous California
Capital and Main | Mar. 28, 2018
Laurel Lucia with the Labor Center on policy options for the state’s uninsured.

Philadephia hourly workers in food and retail are stressed by unpredictable hours
The Inquirer | Mar. 13, 2018
Highlights research by IRLE’s Shift Project on unpredictable scheduling.

How California legislators can extend pathway to universal care
Sacramento Bee | Mar. 5, 2018
Features new report by Laurel Lucia with the Labor Center

The post-America economy
Marketplace | Feb. 26, 2018
Ken Jacobs of the Labor Center on Janus v. AFSCME

The Trump administration’s proposal for tips will only hurt employees
Washington Post | Feb. 20, 2018
Op-ed: Sylvia Allegretto with CWED on how enabling employers to keep tips is wrong

50 years later: UC Berkeley hosts conference reflecting on 1968 race report
Daily Californian | Feb. 12, 2018
Steven Pitts with the Labor Center on challenges Black Americans face

Why Are Our Most Important Teachers Paid the Least?
New York Times | Jan. 9, 2018
Marcy Whitebrook with CSCCE on early childhood educators


It’s simple. To make air travel safer, pay airport workers more.
Newsweek | Dec. 28, 2017

An important new analysis shows progressive policies don’t hurt, and probably help, growth and jobs
The Washington Post | Nov. 14, 2017

California’s plans for offshore wind power run into Navy opposition
San Francisco Chronicle | Nov. 9, 2017

To Avoid Sexism on Job-Posting Site, Economists Petition to Start Their Own
Wall Street Journal | Oct. 26, 2017

Education Isn’t the Key to a Good Income
The Atlantic | Sept. 26, 2017

California would lose $78 billion — more than any other state — under GOP health bill
San Francisco Chronicle | Sept. 20, 2017

From oil refineries to solar plants, unions bend California climate change policies in their favor
Los Angeles Times | Sept. 20, 2017

Diversity in Kern’s clean energy workforce: UC Berkeley report
The Bakersfield Californian | Sept. 6, 2017

UC Berkeley Examines Diversity Of California’s Clean Energy Workforce
Solar Industry | Sept.  6, 2017

Working Class Hero: Cal Labor Center Helps Recharge the Movement
California Magazine | Sept. 4, 2017

What Trump’s Amazon tweet got wrong, and right
Axios | Aug. 17, 2017

How California’s climate policies created an economic boon | Aug. 10, 2017

Wanted: qualified people who will work for yesterday’s wages
Marketplace | Aug. 3, 2017

What We Talk About When We Talk About the Gig Economy
The American Prospect | Jul. 28, 2017

The Impact Of An Increasing Minimum Wage
Wisconsin Public Radio | Jul. 20, 2017

Grasping For The Middle Ground On Obamacare
California Healthline | Apr. 14, 2017

Voters Approved Wage Hikes, But GOP Lawmakers Have Other Ideas
Bloomberg Politics | Apr. 5, 2017

Social Security Benefits: When Do You Plan to Retire?
EconoFact | Feb. 9, 2017

What will a higher minimum wage do? Two new studies have different ideas
Los Angeles Times | Jan. 11, 2017