2008-09 IRLE Faculty Research Grants


P.I. Name/Dept. Project Title
Anderson, Cameron (Haas) The Relation Between Self-Perceptions and Power in Organizations
Bloemraad, Irene (Sociology) Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop
Bloom, Joan (Public Health) Maximum Feasible Participation: The Impact of Community Clinic Governing Boards on Provider and Patient Satisfaction
Brown, Clair (Economics) Development of Linked Employee-Employer Data to Analyze Globalization and Technological Change
Collier, David (Poli-Sci) Labor Relations in the Decentralized Mexican Automotive Industry
Collier, Ruth (Poli-Sci) State Power in Latin America
Dow, William (Health Economics)/Dube, Arin (IRLE) Employer-Level Effects of An Employer Heath Spending Mandate
Elfenbein, Hillary (Haas) Bargaining Style: Consistency in Negotiation Behavior and It's Consequences
Evans, Peter (Sociology) Global Corporate Wiki
Firestein, Netsy Graduate Student Research Support for LPWF
Fligstein, Neil (Sociology) The Determinants of CEO Pay
Haveman, Heather (Sociology) The Evolving Structure of Jobs in the U.S. Wine Industry
Karabel, Jerome (Sociology) American Exceptionalism and the Quality of Life in the United States
Kray, Laura (Haas) Sex and Power: (Un)flattering perceptions of power in negotiations
Levine, David (Haas) The Causal Effect of Cal-OSHA Inspections on Investment
Lincoln, James (Haas) Research on the Changing Human Resource and Corporate Governance Practices in Japan
Nemeth, Charlan (Psychology) Dissent, Quality of Decision Making and Organizational Cultures
Petersen, Trond Family and Careers
Pozner, Jo-Ellen Legitimating Effects of Stigmatizing Actions
Voss, Kim (Sociology) 1) The Local in the Global: Rethinking Social Movements in the New Millennium
2) Worker Identities in a New Era of Immigration
3) Workshop on Work and Labor Transformation
Walker, Richard (Geography) Living New Deal
Walker, Richard (Geography) California Studies Dinner-Seminars
Ziegler, Nicholas (Poli-Sci) Comparative Corporate Governance: Organizational Scope, Historical Origins and Political Consequences