2015-16 IRLE Faculty Research Grants


P.I. Name/Dept. Project Title
Aniza, Sarah (Public Policy)

Public Pension Governance, and the Effects of Increasing Pension Costs on Public Sector Labor

Bloemraad, Irene/Fox, Cybelle (Sociology)

Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop

Brown, Clair (Economics)

Developing a Genuine Progress Indicator to Measure California's Economic Performance that Integrates Prosperity, Equity, and Sustainability

Brown, Clair (Economics)

Measuring Economic Performance as Quality of Life

Chapple, Karen (City and Regional Planning)

Fiscalization of land use: What are the impacts on job creation and quality?

Collier, Ruth (Political Science)

Cyber-Coordinated Work and Worker Representation

Feller, Avi (Public Policy)

Evaluating Social Impact Bond Projects

Fligstein, Niel (Sociology)

The Rich Got Richer: Foreclosures, the Financial Crisis, and the Distribution of Wealth

Fourcade, Marion (Sociology)

Seeing Like a Market: The Economy of Moral Judgment

Gelber, Alexander (Public Policy)

The Effects of High-Skilled Immigration on Firms: Evidence from H-1B Visa Lotteries

Hoynes, Hiliary (Public Policy)

Geographic Variation in SSDI Receipt: The Role of Claimants' Representatives

Hsiang, Solomon (Public Policy)

Coordinating Leisure: the Fun and Forgotten Energy Policy

Kline, Patrick (Economics)

Correlated Random Effects Estimation of Linear Models with Multiple Dimensions of Unobserved Heterogeneity

Leung, Ming D Haas Core Programs

Employer Heterogeneity in Hiring Preferences

O'Rourke, Dara ESPM-S&E

Improving Worker's Lives through Experiments in Altering Compensation in "Lean" Apparel Factories

Raphael, Steven (Public Policy)

Crime, the Criminal Justice System, and Socioeconomic Inequality 

Schneider, Daniel (Public Health)

Economic Instability, Inequality and Parental Investment

Schoefer, Benjamin (Economics)

Empirical Research on the Cyclical Behavior of the Aggregate Labor Market

Schoefer, Benjamin (Economics)

The Effects of Precarious Work on Adult and Child Wellbeing

Shaiken, Harley (School of Education)

Works Councils in the Americas: A Preliminary Overview

Smith, Sandra (Sociology)

Beyond Employer Discrimination: How Criminal Justice Contact Creates Barriers to Ex-Offenders' Employment

Voss, Kim (Sociology)

Neoliberal Dilemmas: The shifting repertories of labor contention in the United States and their democratic implications

Walker, Richard (Geography)

California Studies Lecture & Dinner Series

Walters, Christopher (Economics)

Leveraging lotteries for school value-added: Bias reduction vs. efficiency

Yagan, Danny (Economics)

Are Americans Insured against Local Fluctuations? Worker-Level Evidence


Past Faculty Research Grants