The Labor Center Releases a New Edition of California Workers' Rights

Califronia Worker's Rights

The UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education has published a new edition of its book California Workers' Rights: A Manual of Job Rights, Protections and Remedies. Identified by California Labor Federation Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski as "one of the most useful books California workers will ever encounter," the book is a basic yet thorough overview of the legal protections for workers under California and federal law. The new fourth edition, by David A. Rosenfeld, Miles E. Locker, and Nina G. Fendel, reflects substantial changes in content and organization, and updates the many areas in which the law has shifted in recent years.

The pragmatic approach of California Workers' Rights has proven useful over the years not only for lawyers, but also for personnel specialists and citizen-researchers. At the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment Library, the staff have long depended upon the volume as a key reference guide. "We expect to receive many calls for information about workplace rights from employees who need answers, and we do," said IRLE librarian Terry Huwe. "Yet over the years, we have also referred consultants, lawyers, corporate staff and others to California Workers' Rights. The Library's user population has shown a steady interest in this book, and we're very pleased to see an all-new edition appear."

The Library's experience has been confirmed by labor experts—on both sides of the table. Robert J. MacLeod, chief of Employee Relations, County of Santa Barbara, says that California Workers' Rights is "one of the most useful resources I have found in my 35 years as a labor and management representative." Robert Roginson, management attorney and former chief counsel of the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, agreed, saying, "In the often convoluted and contentious field of California labor and employment law, this book provides valuable insight into the law from a workers' rights perspective and is a helpful resource for employers, attorneys and HR professionals."

About The Authors
The authors have been deeply involved in California workers' rights issues for decades, and thus are uniquely positioned to provide a balanced—and highly readable—overview of California labor and employment law.

David Rosenfeld, of Weinberg, Roger and Rosenfeld in Alameda, California, has practiced labor law since his graduation from University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law, in 1973. Mr. Rosenfeld has argued many important cases before the United States Supreme Court, the California Supreme Court, various federal and state courts of appeal and the National Labor Relations Board.

Miles Locker is well known for his 16 years of service as an attorney for the California State Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE), including three years as chief counsel for the State Labor Commissioner. While at DLSE, he played a major role in the development of the division's enforcement policies and legal interpretations.

Nina Fendel is of counsel at Weinberg, Roger and Rosenfeld, and is the editor of the Public Works Compliance Website. She is an attorney and legal educator specializing in helping non-lawyers to understand the law, and creating legal resources that provide practical, comprehensive and up-to-date information to attorneys and others in a wide variety of legal specialties.  She has worked for the California Department of Industrial Relations, the Painting and Drywall Work Preservation Fund, the Legal Services Foundation, the National Paralegal Institute, and with labor/management groups.

How To Order California Workers' Rights

California Workers' Rights can be ordered through the Labor Center website, Copies are $29.99 each (plus tax and shipping), with discounts available for larger orders.