David Brody

Professor Emeritus History, UC Davis
Institute for Research on Labor and Employment
2521 Channing Way, #5555
Berkeley, California 94720-5555
(510) 643-7065

The main research interests of David Brody are labor history and 20th century American history. He is currently revising for a fourth edition a co-authored text, America's History (Bedford Books). This past year he wrote an essay on violence and the American labor movement, and completed a lengthy article on the impact of free-labor doctrine on American labor law. This essay is related to his ongoing interest in labor law reform and develops an argument about the foundational weaknesses of the National Labor Relations Act. He spent a month at the University of Sydney, Australia, lecturing on American labor history.


"Labor Elections: Good for Workers?" Dissent, Summer, pp. 71-77, 1997.

America: A Concise History. Boston, MA: Bedford Books, 1998.