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IRLE Colloquium Series:
Monday, March 1 and March 15

March 1: Clair Brown (Economics)
"Workers' Fear about Job Security and Trade Impact: Are they irrational or do they reflect labor market experience and conditions?"

March 15: Kim Voss (Sociology)
"The Immigration Rallies of 2006: Explanatory Challenges and Future Prospects"

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IRLE Colloquium Series: March 2010
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Campus News & Events


Spring 2010 IRLE Colloquium Series: March 2010

For full information on the series and the spring's slate of speakers, check the Web:

All events are held at the Large Conference Room at IRLE, 2521 Channing Way. A light lunch will be served.

RSVP to Myra Armstrong,

Monday, March 1
Clair Brown (Economics)
"Workers' Fear about Job Security and Trade Impact: Are they irrational or do they reflect labor market experience and conditions?"

Monday, March 15, 2010 - 12-1pm
Kim Voss, UC Berkeley, Department of Sociology
"The Immigration Rallies of 2006: Explanatory Challenges and Future Prospects"

Thursday, March 18
Tsuru Tsuyoshi, Hitotsubashi University
"Price Discrimination and Social Network: Evidence from North American Automobile Transaction Data."

Monday, March 29, 2010 - 12-1pm
Joan Bloom, UC Berkeley, School of Public Health
"Does Representative Governance Improve Access to Medical Care in Community Clinics"


Recent Working Papers

The following working papers may be found in the eScholarship Repository and also on the IRLE Web, at the following locations:

Neil Fligstein and Adam Goldstein
"The Anatomy of the Mortgage Securitization Crisis"

Shannon Gleeson and Irene Bloemraad
"Where all the Immigrant Organizations? Reassessing the Scope of Civil Society for Immigrant Communities"

Amos Golan, William Green, and Jeffrey M. Perloff
"U.S. Navy Promotion and Retention by Race and Sex"

Celia Moore, H. Colleen Stuart, and Jo-Ellen Pozner
"Avoiding the Consequences of Repeated Misconduct: Stigma's Licence and Stigma's Transferability"

Harold L. Wilensky
"U.S. Health Care and Real Health in Comparative Perspective: Lessons from Abroad"


The Labor Center

New Labor Center Policy Brief on Employee Health Premiums

The Labor Center published the following paper on February 18:

"Who Benefits from the Proposed Amendment to the Senate Excise Tax on Employer Health Premiums?"
February 2010, By Ken Jacobs, William H. Dow, Dave Graham-Squire and Laurel Tan

This report examines the impact that the proposed Senate excise tax on high-cost employer health plans would have on union and non-union workers. The report finds that the vast majority of workers that would be affected by a tax on health benefits that cost more than a certain threshold are not covered by a union contract. Non-union workers would receive a much larger share of the savings from the reduced excise tax that was negotiated between the White House and labor leaders in January.

The full paper may be downloaded from The Labor Center's home page:
Article in the Washington Post:


California Public Employee Relations

CPER Journal, No. 198 (February 2010), is in the mail. It features "Mission Impossible: Requesting Injunctive Relief From PERB." Attorney Sarah Sanford-Smith (Beeson Tayer and Bodine) looks at the Public Employment Relations Board's record to surmise which injunctive relief requests have been granted. Also in this issue, flu season isn't over yet, and announcements by public health officials and extensive media coverage have generated concern regarding the H1N1 virus. Attorneys Steve Berliner and Camille Townsend (Liebert Cassidy Whitmore) provide answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the legal implications of addressing H1N1 in the workplace.

The next issue of CPER will include an article by San Jose city attorney Nancy Clark, who discusses the effect of the Public Records Act on disclosure of an employee's name, work address and email. She addresses the question: Can an agency refuse to provide a copy of its employee directory?

In February, CPER Associate Editor participated on a panel at the annual meeting of the San Francisco Bar Association, in Yosemite.

In March, CPER Editor Carol Vendrillo will attend the annual meeting of the Center for Collaborative Solutions in Anaheim. She will be presenting a panel covering updates in public sector law.

CPER is continuing to work on its "Friends of CPER" campaign, and plans to hold a fundraising dinner this fall. We are also working on a new edition of Pocket Guide to Workplace Rights. And, this spring, we will publish a new title – the 16th in the series – Pocket Guide to Just Cause, written by Katherine Thomson and Bonnie Bogue.


Center for Labor Economics

The Center for Labor Economics offers a "Labor Lunch Series." The series takes place on Wednesdays, 12 pm –1 pm, at 597 Evans Hall.

March 3, 2010
"Network of Labor Mobility", Carlo Gianelle, University of Siena


Center for the Study of Child Care Employment (CSCCE)

Director Marcy Whitebook briefed the senior staff at the US Dept of Education about early learning workforce policy in January. In November, Marcy and CSCCE Principal Policy Analyst Fran Kipnis met with Jacqueline Jones, Special Assistant to the Secretary of Education and Joan Lombardi, Deputy Assistant Secretary and Inter-Departmental Liaison for Early Childhood Development in November, and Marcy briefed the Intergovernmental (DOE, HHS and DOL) Workgroup on Early Learning Workforce Development in February.

CSCCE has received funding from the Birth to Five Policy Alliance and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation to work with states and national organizations on developing policy related to integrated longitudinal early learning workforce data systems called for by the Obama Administration. CSCCE's study, No Single Ingredient, received second year funding from the W. Clement and Jessie V. Stone Foundation.

An interview with Marcy Whitebook on compensation for the early care and education workforce is featured this month on the National Association for the Education of Young Child Radio.

For more news about CSCCE events, check the CSCCE Web at


Institute for Research on Labor and Employment Library

Living New Deal: Looking Ahead
The library is involved in ongoing negotiations to license the software for the California's Living New Deal Project to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library. The Library has already licensed the software, which means that future hosts (i.e., other states) will need to obtain a license to use the Project's architecture. It also extends the possibility of the IRLE Library's software becoming a national standard for other developers.

California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO: New Digital Files
On Friday February 26, the University Library's Library Application Program generated 3,000 new digital objects, which are now being prepared for the live Web. This production run will make the California AFL-CIO News available for the period beginning with 1940 and ending with 2001. Another shipment of print issues will be sent to the scanning contractor in early March, which will complete the series once it has been scanned and processed. From that point forward, "born digital" files–created with desktop publishing programs–will provide a steady stream of new publications into the repository.

New Library Customers: GSIs in Search of Course Reader Articles
Library staff discovered a new kind of patron in the early days of the spring term: graduate student instructors who were feverishly searching for articles to add to their aggregated course readers. On one day in early January, no fewer than four instructors were using our collection to finish their readers and meet their deadlines on time. This suggests that 1) our collection, which is intact, is well worth the trip off campus because the materials are not lost or checked out; and 2) the OskiCat catalog continues to bring new Library users to IRLE.


Labor Project for Working Families

For a full listing for LPWF events, see the Project's Web site:


Center for Latin American Studies

Thursday, February 25, 2010
5:00 pm
Geballe Room, 220 Stephens Hall
Mutual Admiration, Mutual Exploitation: Rivera, Ford and the Detroit Industry Murals
Graham W. J. Beal

Economics Department

Economics 242, Econometrics Seminar
608-7 Evans Hall

March 10, 2010
Wednesday - Joint with Departmental
"Disability Shocks, Disability Insurance, and Life Cycle Behavior", Luigi Pistaferri, Stanford University

Economics 251, Labor Economics Seminar
608-7 Evans Hall

February 25, 2010
"Voter Turnout and the Labor Market", Kerwin Charles, University of Chicago

March 11, 2010
"Disciplined Estimates of Gross Flows among Labor Market States", Michael Elsby, University of Michigan

Graduate School of Journalism

March 11, 2010
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Sibley Auditorium
Film: BUTTE, AMERICA: the Saga of a Hard Rock Mining Town. Narrated by Gabriel Byrne