April 2014 (No. 71)

Editor: Terence K. Huwe
Contributors: Marcy Whitebook, Stefanie Kalmin, Janice Kimball, Jenifer MacGillvary, and Myra Armstrong.

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Book Event: When Mandates Work, April 10, 2014
IRLE Colloquium Series
Thomas Piketty, Economics Departmental Seminar, April 23, 2014

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New White House Report Cites IRLE Research
Book Event: When Mandates Work
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IRLE News and Events

New White House Report Cites IRLE Research


The White House has released an important new report endorsing the positive impacts associated with raising the minimum wage. The report is titled “The Impact of Raising the Minimum Wage on Women and the Importance of Ensuring a Robust Tipped Minimum Wage.”

» Go to the press release
» Read the report PDF

SPECIAL BOOK EVENT: When Mandates Work: Raising Labor Standards at the Local Level

CoverThursday, April 10, 2014 | 5:30-7:00pm
UC Hastings College of the Law
200 McAllister, Alumni Reception Center, 2nd floor
San Francisco, CA

» Book event flyer PDF

Starting in the 1990’s, San Francisco launched a series of bold but relatively unknown public policy experiments to improve wages and benefits for thousands of local workers. Since then, scholars have documented the effects of those policies on compensation, productivity, job creation, and health coverage. Opponents predicted a range of negative impacts, but the evidence tells a decidedly different tale. This book brings together that evidence for the first time, reviews it as a whole, and considers its lessons for local, state, and federal policymakers.

Ken Jacobs is Chair of the Center for Labor Research and Education at the University of California, Berkeley
Gordon Mar is Executive Director of Jobs with Justice San Francisco
Ann O’Leary is Vice President of Next Generation
Michael Reich is Professor of Economics and Director of the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment at the University of California, Berkeley
Copies of the book will be available for purchase at the event or place your order online from UC Press.

This event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.
Please RSVP to Teresa Jackson, teresa.jackson@berkeley.edu.

IRLE Colloquium Series

All events are held in the Large Conference Room at 2521 Channing Way, unless otherwise noted.
A light lunch is served except at brown bag (bring-your-own) events.

RSVP: Myra Armstrong, zulu2@berkeley.edu

Richard Locke

Friday, April 4, 2014 | 12 PM – 1PM
The Promise and Limits of Private Power: Promoting Labor Standards in a Global Economy
Richard Locke, Department of Political Science MIT, (Co-sponsored with Nicholas Ziegler, Political Science, UCB)


Frederik Thuesen Brown Bag

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 | 12 PM – 1:30PM
Ethnic Diversity in the Workplace and the Construction of Social Capital
Frederik Thuesen, Senior Researcher and Program Director at SFI—The Danish National Centre for Social Research, Copenhagen


Sachi Kotani Brown Bag

Thursday, April 10, 2014 | 12 PM – 1:30PM
The Characteristics of Individually-Affiliated Unions in Japan: Toward the Comparison with Community Organizations in the United States
Sachi Kotani, Sociology, Nihon University, Japan


Olivier Godechot

Monday, April 21 , 2014 | 12 PM – 1PM
The Working Rich: Wages, Bonuses and Appropriation of Profit in the Financial Industry
Olivier Godechot, Max Planck Sciences(MaxPo), France


Gabriel Zucman

Monday, April 28 , 2014 | 12 PM – 1PM
Trends in U.S. Wealth Inequality, 1913 to 2012
Gabriel Zucman, Post-Doctoral Scholar at UC Berkeley and Assistant Professor of Economics, London School of Economics


John Logan Brown Bag

Tuesday, April 29 , 2014 | 12 PM – 1:30PM
Unions' Participation in Politics: Recent Legislative Developments
John Logan, Director, Professor of Labor and Employment Studies, San Francisco State University; Senior Research Associate, CLRE

Recent Working Papers

IRLE Working Paper Series

ReportLocal Minimum Wage Laws: Impacts on Workers, Families and Businesses PDF
Michael Reich, Ken Jacobs and Annette Bernhardt
Working Paper No. 104-14, March 2014

An idiosyncrasy credit or a generalist discount? Conditional advantages to working broadly in a virtual labor market PDF
Ming D. Leung and Weiyi Ng
Working Paper No. 103-14,  March 2014

Property in Print: Copyright Law and the American Magazine Industry PDF
Heather A. Haveman and Daniel N. Kluttz
Working Paper No. 102-14, February 2014

Scraping By: Income and Program Participation after the Loss of Extended Unemployment Benefits PDF
Jesse Rothstein and Robert G. Valletta
Working Paper No. 101-14, February 2014

Labor Standards and the Reorganization of Work: Gaps in Data and Research PDF
Annette Bernhardt
Working Paper No. 100-14, January 2014

IRLE Program News

The Labor Center

New Report
CoverRealizing the Dream for Californians Eligible for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA): Health Needs and Access to Health Care
March 2014, A joint report of the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education, the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, and the UCSF Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies

This report describes the common sources of care, barriers to care, and health needs of the estimated 300,000 young California immigrants who are eligible for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The authors find that DACA-eligible teens and young adults use less medical care than their U.S.-born peers in spite of being more likely to report poor health. The report also presents potential solutions for health care providers, community-based organizations, and private and public funders to improve health and access to care for this population. A companion report describes health care coverage of DACA-eligible Californians and presents potential policy solutions to expand their coverage options.

Upcoming Training
Strategic Research Training
This two-day introductory workshop is intended for union researchers who are responsible for carrying out research for organizing and collective bargaining campaigns. It will provide participants with a general overview, case studies, and hands-on exercises to practice research strategies and methods.

June 25- 26, 2014

Institute for Research on Labor and Employment
Get more information or apply online.

Recent Grants
Hewlett Foundation, Achieving Clean Energy Goals Through High-Road Implementation (renewal)
Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program at Shelter Rock, National Black Worker Center Project (renewal)
Ford Foundation, National Black Worker Center Project
The California Endowment, CHIS 2011-2012 Policy Research Studies
The California Endowment, California Health Policy Program 2014-2015 (renewal)
Rosenberg Foundation, Kirke Wilson Labor Summer Internships (renewal; 5-year grant)

The CNN 10 Visionary Women: Saru Jayaraman, restaurant reformer
CNN, March 24, 2014

What do you need to know about Obamacare?
KALW, Your Call, March 24, 2014

Asians Enrolling in Covered Calif. Plans at 'Surprising' Rate
California Healthline, March 24, 2014

All Economics Is Local
By Ken Jacobs and Michael Reich, New York Times, March 22, 2014

How public sector layoffs add to the racial income gap
MSNBC, March 19, 2014

For-Profit Programs Fill Gap in High Tech Job Training
KQED, California Report, March 18, 2014

Ralph Nader: Give workers a raise
USA Today, March 18, 2014

Thousands Of Young California Immigrants Eligible For Coverage -- Though Often They Don’t Know It
Kaiser Health News, March 17, 2014

Covered Calif. Plans To Boost Outreach to Latinos, Youth
California Healthline, March 17, 2014

Is 2014 the Tipping Point? Activist Researcher Fights to Raise Wages of Restaurant Workers
California Magazine, Cal Alumni Association, March 13, 2014

Studies look at what happened when cities raised minimum wage
Seattle Times, March 12, 2014

The case for a living wage
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (blog), March 9, 2014

The Feministing Five: Saru Jayaraman
Feministing.com, March 8, 2014

All of the Arguments Against Raising the Minimum Wage Have Fallen Apart
Moyers & Company, March 7, 2014

San Francisco's Minimum Wage Hike Pays Off
Huffington Post, March 6, 2014

Up To 125,000 Undocumented Immigrants May Be Eligible For Health Care In California And Some May Not Know It
ThinkProgress.org, February 27, 2014

Indian American Labor Activist Targeted by Restaurant Industry Leaders
India West, February 27, 2014

Another attempt at Obamacare 'reform' blows up
Los Angeles Times, The Economy Hub with Michael Hiltzik, February 26, 2014

California Opens Healthcare Program to 125,000 Migrants
Latino Daily News, February 26, 2014

UC research reveals undocumented youth are largely uninsured
The Daily Californian, February 26, 2014

Report: 125K 'Deferred Action' Immigrants Qualify for Medi-Cal
California Healthline, February 26, 2014

Medi-Cal could see surge of young immigrants, but challenges remain
Sacramento Business Journal, February 26, 2014

More than 100,000 migrants eligible for California health program
La Prensa, February 25, 2014

Mayoría de 'Dreamers' califica para seguro médico: studio
Noticieros Televisa, February 25, 2014

Miles de dreamers lograrían seguro en California
Noticias Univision, February 25, 2014

Lawmaker wants to expand Obamacare to non-citizens
ABC News 10, February 25, 2014

California Public Employee Relations

CPER Pocket GuidesCPER just published a long-awaited new edition:

Pocket Guide to Workers' Compensation in California: Public and Private Sectors (2nd edition, 2014) by Juliann Sum, updated by John Holstedt and Eric Ledger. 

Reflecting the major changes to the law in 2013, this edition provides an overview of workers' compensation law and procedure, a brief history of the law, and a summary of citations to applicable statutes, regulations, and precedent cases.

Our most recent new titles:

Pocket Guide to Factfinding (1st edition 2013) by Carol Stevens, Janae Novotny, and Janet Cory Sommer, explains the statutory requirements, best practices and practical basics for the four public sector labor relations statutes in California that require factfinding.

Pocket Guide to the Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act (1st edition, 2013) by Kerianne Steele, discusses the far-reaching new law that radically transforms public employee pensions.

And, as public school layoff season approaches, updated editions of all titles in our layoff guide series:

Pocket Guide to Layoff Rules Affecting Certificated Employees (February 2014), by Dale Brodsky.
Pocket Guide to Layoff Rules Affecting Classified Employees (February 2014), by Carol Vendrillo.
Pocket Guide to Layoff Rules Affecting Community College Faculty (February 2014), by Carmen Plaza de Jennings and Jayne Benz Chipman.

In May, CPER will publish a new edition of Pocket Guide to the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act.

All guides in the Pocket Guide series are described and can be ordered at http://cper.berkeley.edu.

Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics

FlyerAssociate Director Sylvia Allegretto to present:
From Poverty to Prosperity
Monday, March 31, 2014
Richmond Civic Center
» Event flyer PDF

Allegretto gave a luncheon plenary presentation on inequality and poverty at the California Budget Project’s ‘Raising the Bar: How Smart Policy Choices Can Create Shared Prosperity in California’ conference held on March 6, 2014 in Sacramento, California.

Allegretto also presented at the UCLA/Hammer Forum on ‘Bridging the Inequality Gap’ on March 11, 2014 hosted by Ian Masters in Los Angeles, California.

On March 18, 2014, She made a presentation on inequality and education at the ‘Reclaiming the Promise’ Collective Bargaining Conference, held by the American Federation of Teachers in Orlando, Florida.

Center for the Study of Child Care Employment

CSCCE Director, Marcy Whitebook, has been invited by the U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services to serve on a six-person advisory committee for the Early Learning Career Pathways Initiative, which is designed to address the skills gap and worker shortage in the early learning field.
Marcy Whitebook was a featured writer for Interaction Matters: The Teachstone Blog. See her piece: Adult Learning Environments & Teacher Practice, posted on Friday, March 21st at

CSCCE Specialist Lea Austin and Fran Kipnis, along with Director Marcy Whitebook, presented a webinar, Early Childhood Higher Education Inventory: Taking Stock of the States , hosted by the  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families attended by over 200 participants from across the country. , The webinar generated a lot of interest from other states in CSCCE’s Early Childhood Higher Education Inventory, which to date has been conducted in four states. California results will be available this fall. . To learn more about the Inventory, click here:

On February 28, the Institute of Medicine Committee on the Science of Children Birth to 8: Deepening and Broadening the Foundation for Success invited Marcy Whitebook to speak on a panel focused on the early care and education workforce. To watch the panel discussion, follow the links below.

Institute for Research on Labor and Employment Library

Open Access Initiative:  New Software Will Boost Participation in eScholarship
The California Digital Library (CDL), in conjunction with University of California campus partners, has chosen Symplectic as the vendor to implement a publication harvesting system in support of the UC Open Access Policy, passed by the Academic Senate in July 2013.  The system will form the basis of a research information management system intended to simplify participation in UC’s OA Policy by providing an efficient method for faculty to deposit their research into eScholarship, UC’s institutional repository.

The program is called Elements, and includes a set of features that address the specific requirements of the UC OA Policy and the needs of UC authors. It will closely monitor publication sources, including public and licensed publication indexes, for any new materials published by UC authors. Once a new publication is detected in the indexes, the system will collect as much information about that publication as possible and contact the author(s) by email for confirmation and manuscript upload. Author-approved publications will then be automatically submitted to eScholarship, where they will be openly available to the public.

Further developments in the implementation of this harvesting system can be tracked by visiting the Open Access Policy Implementation (OAPI) wiki or subscribing to the OAPI mailing list.

To learn more about the UC Open Access Policy or to contact us with questions, visit the Office of Scholarly Communication site.

Selected Recent Publications of Interest
The Library is introducing a new eNews feature: recent publications of interest to the IRLE community. In all cases selections will be available digitally, and will also appear on Library Blogs.

Brookings Panel on Economic Activity
March 20–21, 2014
Are the Long-Term Unemployed on the Margins of the Labor Market? 
Alan B. Krueger, Princeton University & NBER
Judd Cramer, Princeton University
David Cho, Princeton University
http://www.brookings.edu/~/media/projects/bpea/spring%202014/2014a_krueger.pdf PDF
[full-text, 59 pages]

Congressional Research Service
Private Health Insurance Market Reforms in the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Annie L. Mach, Analyst in Health Care Financing
Bernadette Fernandez, Specialist in Health Care Financing
March 13, 2014
http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/R42069.pdf PDF
[full-text, 24 pages]

Urban Institute
Taxes and Inequality
by Leonard E. Burman
http://www.urban.org/UploadedPDF/413067-Taxes-and-Inequality.pdf PDF
[full-text, 30 pages]
This paper reviews historical trends in economic inequality and tax policy’s role in reducing it. It documents the various reasons why income inequality continues to rise, paying particular attention to the interplay between regressive and progressive federal and state taxes. The report also considers the trade-off between the social welfare gains that a more equal distribution of incomes would provide, and the economic costs of using the tax system to reduce inequality, highlighting the fact that income inequality reflects an amalgam of factors. The optimal policy response reflects that complexity.

US Department of Labor
Monthly Labor Review (as of 19 March 2014)

A better way to measure pay differentials among industries 03/19/2014
Investment in higher education by race and ethnicity 03/11/2014
Single mothers and welfare: a new perspective 03/11/2014
New college degree in hand: now what? 03/10/2014
Millennials and the pay gap 03/05/2014
A cohort component analysis of the 2007–2009 recession 03/03/2014
The Marcellus Shale gas boom in Pennsylvania: employment and wage trends 02/27/2014



Center for Chinese Studies

April 22, 2104
Institute of East Asian Studies
2223 Fulton, 6th Floor,
Conference Room
4:30-6 p.m.
“Labor Issues: Taiwan”, Ying-Jung Yeh, Associate Professor, University of Science and Technology; Chun-Hsi Vivian Chen, Associate Professor, National Central University

Center for Japanese Studies

April 23, 2014
Institute of East Asian Studies
2223 Fulton, 6th Floor,
Conference Room
“Inquiry into the growth and decline of the very poor in Japan”, David-Antoine Malinas, Université Paris

Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA)

April 11, 2014
Blum Center, Room B100
“The Tyranny of Experts: A Conversation with William Easterly”, William Easterly, New York University, Ted Miguel, UC Berkeley, Ross Levine, UC Berkeley

Center for Labor Economics
Labor Lunch Series
648 Evans Hall
12-1 p.m.

April 25, 2014
"Faculty Retirement and Mortality: The University of California Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Programs", Mark Borgschulte, University of California, Berkeley

Development and Planning, Development Lunch Series
648 Evans Hall

April 1, 2014
“Seasonal credit constraints and agricultural labor supply: Evidence from Zambia”, Kelsey Jack, Tufts University

Center for Latin American Studies

April 10, 2014
4:00 pm
CLAS Conference Room
2334 Bowditch Street
“Human Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility in Today’s Global Economy”, Owen Herrnstadt, Georgetown University Law School and International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers

April 14, 2014
12:00 – 1:15 pm
554 Barrows Hall
“Public Health and Equity in Latin America”, Stefano Bertozzi, School of Public Health UCB

Economics Department

Economics 211, Economic History Seminar
597 Evans Hall

April 7, 2014
“Human Capital and Industrialization: Theory and Evidence from 18th Century Encyclopédie Subscriptions”, Nico Voigtlander, Assistant Professor, UC Los Angeles, Anderson School of Management

Economics 221, Industrial Organization Seminar
597 Evans Hall

April 15, 2014
"Physician Investment in Hospitals: Specialization, Incentives, and the Quality of Cardiac Care", Ashley Swanson, Wharton

Economics 225, Oliver E. Williamson Seminar on Institutional Analysis
C325 Cheit Hall

April 10, 2014
“Growing up in a Recession”, Paola Giuliano, UCLA

April 23, 2014
Seminar 291, Departmental: "Capital in the 21st Century"
4-5:30 p.m. | 648 Evans Hall
Speaker: Thomas Piketty, Paris Scool of Economics

Geography Department

April 23, 2014
575 McCone Hall
3:40 to 5 p.m.
“Poverty Politics: Post Crisis in Argentina and the US: Class subjects and relational practices in urban neighborhoods”, Vickie Lawson, University of Washington.

College of Environmental Design City & Regional Planning

April 17, 2014
5:00pm – 7:00pm
110 Wurster Hall
Race, Place and Power:  The Contest between Civil Rights, Community Control and Neoliberalism in Urban Planning, Thomas J. Sugrue University of Pennsylvania.

April 24, 2014
5:00pm – 7:00pm
106 Wurster Hall
Making a Home in the Heartland: Immigration and Global Labor Mobilit, Franak Miraftab, University of Illinois

Goldman School of Public Policy

April 1, 2014
“Disability Law and Public Policy”, Michael Stein, William and Mary Law School
105 GSPP

April 12, 2014
“Minimum Wage Policy in California and the US: An Emerging Consensus Across Party Lines?”,  Saru Jayaraman, David Neumark and Ron Unz