Photography Exhibits

Photo from "Rebellion on the Border," photographs by David Bacon
Exhibit at U.C. Berkeley Institute of Industrial Relations 9/1/2002-1/15/2003, photo 7 of 16

Mexico City, 1996

Members of Mexico City's bus drivers' union, SUTAUR-100, hold a giant union meeting and rally in the zocalo. The police later broke up the rally and forced the drivers out of the square. SUTAUR's founder, Gabino Camacho Barrera, interviewed in prison, says the government's hostility to the union is due in large part to its fear of growing social unrest. "Our minimum wage is now 20 percent of what it was in 1970," he said. "Diseases like tuberculosis, which are connected to poverty and we thought were eradicated in Mexico, are coming back. There's never been a crisis like this."

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