Centers & Programs


Center for Labor Research & Education (Labor Center)

A public service and outreach program providing research and information on unions and the changing workforce for students, scholars, policymakers and the public.


California Policy Lab

A joint project of UC Berkeley and UC Los Angeles, the California Policy Lab curates administrative data from across California’s government and supports efforts by agencies in partnership with faculty and students to mine this information to produce cutting-edge policy research on key issues from education and criminal justice, to social services and labor.


Center for the Study of Child Care Employment

Focuses on issues relating to teachers and providers working in center-based and home-based early care and education settings in the United States.



Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics

Provides a focus for projects on wage and employment dynamics in contemporary labor markets.


California Public Employee Relations

The leading program on California public sector labor and employment relations. Covering recent developments and laws relating to employment in local government, public schools, higher education, and state government through its pocket guides and seminars.


Affiliated Centers & Programs

UC Berkeley Opportunity Lab
The Opportunity Lab (O-Lab) focuses on generating rigorous research on poverty and inequality in the United States and other developed countries. O-Lab is a growing network of Berkeley faculty generating cutting-edge research addressing the following six areas and how they affect poverty and inequality: climate and environment, crime and criminal justice policy, education and child development policy, health, social safety net and employment, and taxation and inequality.

California Studies Center
Conducts interdisciplinary research on the past and present of the State of California by a distinguished group of faculty and staff on the Berkeley and Davis campuses.

Center for Culture, Organizations & Politics
Focuses on how new social spaces emerge, form, and are transformed. The Center supports an ongoing workshop where work in progress is presented and discussed.

Food Labor Research Center
The Food Labor Research Center seeks to conduct research and education on the wages and working conditions of workers along the food chain, and the impact these conditions have not only on workers but also on employers and consumers.

Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop
Founded by Sociology Professor Irene Bloemraad, the Workshop provides students with a multi-disciplinary forum for collaboration.


Archived Programs

Center for Work, Technology and Society Work & Health Initiative
IRLE Director Emeritus Clair Brown chairs WTS, and conducts extensive field work in the U.S. and Pacific Rim.

Work & Health Initiative
Policy research, public service, and community education in workers’ compensation, with projects focusing in particular on the return-to-work process and legal services for injured workers.

Center For Organization and Human Resource Effectiveness
Blended academic with high-level management perspectives concerning problems of organization and human resources management.