Contact IRLE

Mailing Address and Main Telephone & Fax:

Institute for Research on Labor and Employment
University of California, Berkeley
2521 Channing Way # 5555
Berkeley, CA 94720-5555

Voice: (510) 643-8140
Fax: (510) 642-6432

Key IRLE Contacts

Administrative, Fiscal and Program Questions:
Hadidjah Rivera, Assistant Director
(510) 643-7068

Barbara Campbell, Administrative Officer 4
(510) 642-1432

General Assistance:
Margaret Olney, Editorial Assistant
(510) 643-8140

Events & Visiting Scholars:
Myra Armstrong, Events Coordinator
(510) 643-3012

IT Help Line (IRLE only):
(510) 642-0077

IRLE Library:
Terry Huwe, Director
(510) 643-7061

Janice Kimball, Library Operations Manager
(510) 642-1705

Web Administration:
Elizabeth del Rocío Camacho, Web Administrator
(510) 642-1077

All Other IRLE Programs

You may find telephone listings for various IRLE programs on their individual websites. View a list of IRLE Programs.

Additionally, there is a community directory containing all IRLE and IRLE Program staff contact information. You may view staff listings by name or by department.